Adult Script Pro Server Requirements

  • Linux (Fedora/Slackware/Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS/RHEL) or Unix (FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD) Server
  • Apache, Lighttpd or Nginx Server (with rewrite support)
  • MySQL 5.x
  • PHP >= 5.2.x (mod_php or CGI/FastCGI)
    • GD2 Support
    • MySQL Support
    • CURL Support
    • SimpleXML Support
    • FTP Support
    • PCRE with UTF8/Unicode Properties
  • PHP CLI >= 5.2.x (see above for support)
  • FFMpeg => 0.11.5 (with support for lame, x264, theora, vpx, xvid, faac, faad2, amr, webm, jpeg, png, gif and freetype)
  • Yamdi (for FLV Meta Tag Update)
  • QT-Faststart (comes with FFMpeg, used for moov/mdat atom manipulation)

Adult Script Pro Recommended PHP Configuration

  • Safe Mode - Off
  • Open Basedir - Off (or configured to allow php-cli/ffmpeg/yamdi/qt-faststart execution)
  • Display Errors - Off
  • File Uploads - On
  • Upload Max Filesize (sets the maximum filesize of uploads in MB)
  • Post Max Size (sets the maximum form size (includes file uploads) in MB)
  • Max Execution Time - 7200
  • Max Input Time - 7200
  • Mememory Limit (sets the maximum filesize of uploads in MB)
  • exec() function should be allowed
  • register_argc_argv - On (required only for PHP CLI)

Adult Script Pro Optional Server Requirements

  • PHP APC Support (improves speed from 20% to 300%)
  • PHP Mbstring (improves multi-language rendering)
  • PHP JSON Support
  • PHP Memcache Extension (used for caching)
  • Sphinx Search (optional, used for fast video searching by title, description and tags)


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