Video Watermark Module 49$

Want to brand your website? You are running a premium website and want to watermark your videos? This module allows you to easily watermark your videos using a image or a sliding text! The watermarking process is complelty integrated with the video conversion, no additional time or resources are used!


  • Enable or disable the watermarking module
  • Multiple watermarking methods supported
  • Image Watermarking
    • Set a png image for each video conversion format
    • Select which position to use (top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right)
    • Image can also be scrolled at specified height when the video reaches the half time
  • Text Watermarking
    • Set the font size, color, shadow, watermarking text, vertical position, start time and scrolling speed
    • The text supports UTF8/Unicode characters (think Chinese) and also adding the current date via [DATE] magic keyword
  • Video Branding
    • Set intro video that will be added before the main video starts playing
    • Set end video that will be added faster the main video ends playing

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