Comming Soon (version 4.x)

We are currently working on developing version 4.x of our script. The following features/improvements will be added:

  • PHP >= 7.4.0 is a requirement now (PHP 8.2 recommended)
  • MySQL >= 5.6 or MariaDB >= 10.0.14 is a requirement now (always latest stable release recommended)
  • Intl, BCMath, GMP php extensions are a requirement now
  • Personal CDN support (multiple servers storing same content in different locations). Works with Round Robin, Closest (latitude, longitude), Continent, Load Average and Random (done)
  • Geo location support for ads (done)
  • Start and end date (and hour) interval for ads (done)
  • Interlacing ads (native ads, displayed between content) (done)
  • Statistics support for video views, statistics for content, revenue statistics, nice stats graphics in admin (done)
  • Bootstrap 5 Template Premium (done)
  • WebP Support for Images (done)
  • SLUG support for category, channel and model files (done)
  • FluidPlayer 3.x (done)
  • Plyr Player (done)
  • VideoJs 7 (done)
  • Nuevo Player (integration, bought separately)
  • Language localization/translation for content titles, description and tags (60% done)
  • * Optional dependencies (used for automatic translation): argos-translate
  • Revenue Sharing Plugin (done)
  • Translated to 30+ languages (done)
  • Updated community activity feed (faster, more updated info)
  • Viewer behaviour analtycs (like youtube)
  • Thumb CTR (select which thumb gets more clicks)
  • Redis and PHP Redis extension are optional now (required for high traffic websites)
  • Over 100 bug fixes and optimizations
  • MOVED TO 5.x
  • Content partners account (manage networks, manage channels, bulk video upload and advertising management)
  • Organize videos/photos into collections (series/tv shows) and seasons
  • Content editors account (mass edit function for editing assigned to them by the administrator)
  • Live Streaming Plugin
  • Multi site admin (manage multiple sites from the same administration panel) (moved to 5.x)
  • Game Module (moved to 5.x)

Want to know more about our future versions?

We are constantly improving our script for you! Want a new feature or simply want to talk about possible technology integrations? Please contact us for more details!


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