Bula Template 149$

Bula is a premium template for Adult Script Pro. It is built using the popular Bulma CSS framework. Besides looking good and modern, this template is very fast, responsive 100% valid and easy to navigate.


  • Compatible with Adult Script Pro version >= 4.0.0
  • Supported modules: video, photo, category, user, channel, model, link, playlist, revenue
  • Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, Bulma, JQuery
  • Mobile first and completly responsive (works on ALL devices)
  • Optimized to be fast (100% score on google pagespeed)
  • Follows google webmasters recommandations for white-hat SEO
  • New frontpage widgets:
    • Recommended Widget, provides video recommendations based on previously watched videos
    • Popular in Country Widget, provides videos popular in the visitors country
    • Trending Widget, provides trending videos and several popular links (3 categories, 3 models, 3 channels)
  • New video pages: recommended, location (country)
  • Light/Dark switcher
Bula white! Bula dark! Bula white! Bula dark!

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