Premium Membership Module 149$

Want to monetize your site better and offer premium content for a fee? Our Premium Membership module will allow you to charge your users for watching premium videos! It integrates completly with the script creating a new premium area, already registered users can upgrade their account while new members can choose to create a free or premium account!


  • Premium Area without ads (removes ads from the entire site)
  • HTML5 Video Player with multiple formats
  • Trailer Mode (users can watch 30 seconds and then are required to pay to watch the entire video)
  • Account Sharing Protection (based on the IP, you can define how many users from the same IP can use the same account)
  • Downloads (users can download full videos after paying)


  • Configure payment options
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage Subscription Packages
  • Manage Payment Processors
  • Mark videos as premium

Payment Options

  • Subscription - users can buy timed membership (you can create your subscription packages directly in the administration panel, for example 30 days subscription)
  • Pay Per View - users can buy credits and use the credits to watch content, pricing can be set as following:
    • Flat Price - every video will have the same price
    • Price Per Content - you can set a price per each second of content, video prices will be calculated using the second price and the duration of the video

Payment Processors

  • Coinpayments (crypto, Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, more than 20 coins supported)
  • CCBILL (credir cards)
  • Zombaio (credit cards)
  • Epoch (credit cards and Paypal)
  • Payfast
  • Paypal (for non-adult sites
  • SMSCoin (for SMS messages payments)

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