DEFBoot Free Template

DEFBoot Free is the default template including in the script. It is completly free. Based on Bootstrap (3.3.7) and JQuery, completly responsive, very fast and optimized for millions of visitors.


  • Battle tested on more than 1000 webites
  • Supported modules: video, photo, category, user, channel, model, link, forum, playlist, premium, revenue
  • Supports all features of the script, including forums!
  • Built with Bootstrap (supports older browsers)
  • Responsive Design (supports smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and smart TV's, resolutions >= 320px)
  • Built to be fast (css and javascript minization, javascript loads in the footer)
  • Follows Google site performance recommandations
  • Widgets on frontpage (all widgets can be enabled or disabled, order of the widgets can be changed)
  • 20 possible color combinations (10 light and 10 dark)
  • Eye candy, animations and modern design
  • Easy javascript (popups/popunders, verifications and analytics) management
  • 30+ advertising spots


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